Assistant Kitchen Manager
    Title:Assistant Kitchen Manager
    Location:Tucson, AZ
    Assistant Kitchen Manager

    Barrio Brewing Co. is a fast paced, high energy brew pub! We are more than just the first micro-brewery in Southern Arizona, we are a beloved Tucson staple. This position has many exciting challenges that come from a diverse menu with expectations of quality at very high volumes.

    • Assisting the Kitchen Manager to achieve the overall success of daily kitchen operations
    • Exhibit culinary talents by personally performing tasks while leading your team and managing all food related functions
    • Attention to detail in food presentation and training your team to deliver these standards daily
    • Ability to perform last minute tasks, problem solve and properly delegate when needed in an organized manner
    • Excellence in monitoring the quantity and quality of food that is prepared daily
    • Exceptional team work and communication with the front of house staff
    • Assistance to the Kitchen Manager in scheduling, training and regular reviews of all kitchen staff
    • Always serve as proficient and professional role model to your team
    • Effective and timely communication with all members of management
    Minimum Requirements:
    • Related experience in a high volume establishment
    • The ability to lead, train and supervise your team through positive and professional reinforcement
    • Operate and maintain kitchen utensils and food equipment
    • Must maintain good personal hygiene and wear a uniform
    • Exceptional presentation of your personal and professional self must be a priority
    • A desire to consistently learn and grow through knowledge, experience and performance reviews 
    Preferred Requirements:
    • Culinary Arts degree or certificate
    • Letters or certificates from previous employers recognizing skills, performance, passion and dedication
    • Proven ability to promote positivity and team work while running a fast-paced Kitchen
    ​​Compensation to match experience level and skills

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