On-Premise Field Sales Rep.
    Title:On-Premise Field Sales Rep.
    Location:Phoenix, AZ
    About Barrio Brewing Company:

    Barrio Brewing Company was established in 1991 in Tucson, AZ., founded by native Arizonan’s Dennis and Tauna Arnold. It was Tucson’s first full mash brewery named Gentle Ben’s Brewing Company. Fifteen years later they expanded and Barrio Brewing Company continues to brew to meet the demands for their award-winning beers. Now, it is the third largest independent brewery in the state. Twenty-seven years and still growing and constantly innovating to meet the ever-changing desires of Arizona beer drinkers, Barrio is Arizona’s neighborhood brewery.

    Job Description:
    Barrio Brewing Company of Tucson, Arizona is seeking a state wide Phoenix based On-Premise Field Sales Manager. This role will head up Barrio On-Premise sales throughout the State of Arizona. To include, the establishment of new accounts and the maintenance of established account relationships, and marketing of Barrio wholesale. Other duties include: driving and managing beer distributor objectives, development and execution of Barrio sales and merchandising standards, identification and planning brewery events, operating lock/step with brewery ownership and management on sales and marketing strategies.

    • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in sales/distribution industry. Beverage or Craft Beer is preferred
    • Marketing, promotion and event management experience
    • General Social Media skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication
    • Ability to work evenings and weekends
    • Ability to travel as needed; throughout the State of Arizona.
    • Ability to maintain a professional business approach in environments where craft beer is being poured and consumed.
    Key Responsibilities:
    • Retail account establishment and maintenance throughout the State of Arizona
    • Drive and manage distributor’s objectives           
      • Execution of long and short term goals
        • Develop, drive, mesh and facilitate brewery and distributor goals
      • Consistent interaction with distributor sales reps in all regions of the state
      • Utilizing information from ownership/brewing management to influence distributor focus. 
      • Develop metrics to measure performance of brand products; recap of these via monthly reports.
    • Develop a marketing strategy
      • Local market
      • Statewide market
      • Education
      • Visibility
        • Displays, placement, tap handles
      • Sponsorships: identification and maintenance of opportunities
      • Social Media
    • Business planning
      • Sales and pricing analysis
        • Annual/quarterly/monthly business planning with ownership and management
        • Budget monitoring to stay within limits.
        • Retail price management
    • Execute and plan brewery events
      • Execute local special events
        • Retail account events, promotions
          • Support and identify events that marry brand strategy and retail account needs
        • In house events              
          • Beer dinners
          • Private events
        • Brewery festivals 
        • Trade events (retail, trade/industry)
        • Plan and maintain a calendar of events, as well as event recaps for future reference
      • Various miscellaneous tasks to include:
        • Brewery tours
        • Staff education
    Job Location:
                     Phoenix, Arizona
    Job Specifications:
                    Permanent,  Full Time
    This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications